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Interview a local STEM Entrepreneur
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STEM, Business, enterprise, entrepreneurship, political economy

This activity is closely related to STEM entrepreneurship, as the students will be given the opportunity to interview entrepreneurs that are active within the STEM fields. Also it can tackle the gender inclusiveness issue if both men and women entrepreneurs are interviewed.


The purpose of this activity is to recognise STEM entrepreneurs within the community/area and appreciate their importance and contribution in the local/national economy and employment. Also through these interviews the participants will be able to better understand how relationships, networking and customer service orientation help make STEM entrepreneurs more successful.

There are different stages involved in this activity and that is why it takes 6 hours in total to complete: Initially the students will be encouraged to view videos of entrepeneur videos in relation to men and women STEM entrepreneurs.


A recommendation list of such videos is provided. Then the students will have to identify and approach possible STEM entrepreneurs and persuade them to dedicate time for the interview. Once the interview is conducted, the students will need to prepare a presentation with the key issues discussed and the messages they got from this interview. This is mainly self-directed learning time (homework assignment), as the teacher will not be able to spend so much time on this exercise due to pressures of covering the curriculum.



480 mins


20-25 students


Interview a local STEM Entrepreneur
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