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Idea Generation Stage
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Business, enterprise, entrepreneurship, political economy, arts (developing creativity), ice-breaking activity for any module

This activity is an introductory one in the area of entrepreneurship, which can also be used as an ice-breaking activity at the start of an entrepreneurship training programme. The ideation process is one of the first things you teach to young people when they follow an entrepreneurship-related course/module. Also it is a great team-building activity.


The aim is to encourage the participants to develop innovative business ideas in a short time, based on their hobbies, interests, frustrations and necessities. The ideation exercise can be more focused/specific, giving more emphasis on STEM. The facilitator encourages participants to first complete the table on their own and then to work in teams and find links/common points between their hobbies, interests, frustrations and necessities, that will lead to an innovative business idea.


The participants choose on their own the members of their team, making sure there is a balance between boys and girls in each team. Also the facilitator can encourage people to take a role that is not within their comfort zone, e.g. a girl who is shy can present the results of the groups exercise.


Thus the participants can take a role that they are not used to, without giving examples (e.g. we don’t tell them I don’t want any girls doing the minutes or the sketching).



90 mins


20-25 students


Idea Generation Stage
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